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Abstracts  & Proceedings of

SOCIOINT 2017-4th International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (10-12 July, 2017, Dubai)



Abstracts  & Proceedings of

INTCESS 2017-4th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (6-8 February, 2017, Istanbul-Turkey)



Abstracts  & Proceedings of

ADVED 2016-2nd International Conference on Advances in Education and Social Sciences (10-12 October, 2016, Istanbul-Turkey)



SOCIOINT 2016-3rd International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanites (23-25 May, 2016, Istanbul-Turkey)

Abstracts  & Proceedings


INTCESS 2016-3rd International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (8-10 February 2016, Istanbul-Turkey) Abstracts  & Proceedings



ADVED'15-International Conference on Advances in Education and

 Social Sciences (12-14 October 2015, Istanbul-Turkey) Abstracts  & Proceedings



 SOCIO-INT15-2nd International Conference on Education, Social Sciences 

and Humanities (8-10 June 2015, Istanbul-Turkey) Abstracts & Proceedings


INTCESS15-2nd International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (2-4 Feb. 2015, Istanbul-Turkey) Abstracts & Proceedings



SOCIO-INT14- International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (8- 10 September 2014, Istanbul- Turkey) Abstracts & Proceedings 


INTCESS14-International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (3-5 Feb. 2014, Istanbul-Turkey) Abstracts -(only Abstracts)






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